the purpose

On Tuesday  night, we hosted a group of young adults who are currently aging out of Delaware's foster care system. Our committee members worked side by side with these kids as they prepared the lunch menu together (fruit salad, vegetable soup and grilled cheese). We gathered around the table, ate family style and got the chance... Continue Reading →

the kitchen

The concept of cooking is more intimate and personal than heaving a pile of food on your plate. We all need to eat and like to eat. We have preferences or dietary restrictions that make cooking completely unique and diverse for each individual. When designing The Corner Table, there was something different about implementing a... Continue Reading →

the intern

I had the unique opportunity in being offered an internship at First and Central Presbyterian Church. It started with needing to be placed with an organization that allowed me to complete my 400 hour internship to graduate with a degree in Human Services. It became more than an internship as I looked for a place that would... Continue Reading →

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